Cobra Standard Flushmaster, Exposed Type with Control Stop

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Install Cobra Flushmaster with confidence. Great dedication to quality, the Flushmaster is highly reliable and durable.

Product Features
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  • FM1-100
  • Exposed type Flushmaster. Back entry toilet flush valve with 1 1/4" control stop and wall flange with bent flush pipe and pan connector.
  • Includes rubber pan connector to enable a leak-free / odour free connection between the back entry flush pipe and the toilet.
  • Back entry bent flush pipe FMT1-1.
  • Can be retro-fitted with an extended flush activation lever for ease of use by infirm/disabled people.
  • Lever operated for positive flushing action.
  • Ease of servicing with shut-off valve/check valve (control stop) and is adjustable for flow control.
  • Integral vacuum breaker prevents back-syphonage.
  • SABS approved, SANS 1240.
  • Warranty: 2 years
Technical Specifications
Height: 153mm
Diameter: 38.2mm
Inlet: 31.75mm
Projection: 159mm
Weight: 2.92g

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