Cobra Flush Master Standard Back-Entry Toilet Flush Valve

Vendor: Cobra | SKU: FFUUSBFM-0GT01
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R 6,449.00 incl. VAT

Install Cobra Flush Master with confidence. Great dedication to quality, the Flush Master is highly reliable and durable.

Product Features
  • Exposed, back entry toilet flush valve
  • Non-hold open feature
  • With wall flange
  • Integral vacuum breaker prevents back-siphonage
  • With bent flush pipe and rubber pan connector; rubber pan connector enables a leak/odour-free connection between the back entry flush pipe and the toilet
  • Push button flush activation and butterfly control inlet
  • Cobra PureShine protects the product from scratches and leaves them resistant to dirt and easy to maintain
  • Save precious resources with Cobra EcoMind water-saving technology
  • Manufactured from corrosion resistant DZR brass
  • Cobra TeamAssist - Trained and dedicated service teams are in place to provide pre- and post-installation support
  • Cobra Low Water Pressure means that this product is suitable for use in environments that experience low water pressure
  • Cobra Genuine - genuine spare parts are readily available
  • 2 Year Warranty

Technical Specifications
Colour: Silver
Finish: Chrome
Material: DZR Brass
Mounting Type: Wall Mount
Style: Classic
System Pressure (Max.): 600kPa
Height: 153mm
Diameter: 38.2mm
Projection: 143mm

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