Cobra Junior Econoflush for Urinal

Vendor: Cobra | SKU: KF8-112

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Install Cobra Econoflush with confidence. Great dedication to quality, the Econoflush is highly reliable and durable.

Product Features
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  • KF8-112
  • Junior Econoflush urinal flush valve with ball-o-stop in a stainless steel front access box with chrome-plated palm press push button.
  • SABS approved, SANS 1240.
  • Flush valve housed in metal box. Access for maintenance via face plate.
  • Stainless steel face plate.
  • Suitable for: New ductless buildings like office blocks, hotels, cinemas, etc.
  • Water Supply Requirements Recommended optimum design pressures - Inlet flow pressure: 30 - 500 kPa.
  • At higher pressures, velocity parameters should be taken into consideration in the installation design. - Maximum system pressure: 600 kPa.
  • Warranty: 12 years
Technical Specifications
Projection: 105mm
Weight: 4Kg

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